Thinking About These 36 Random, Awesome Facts Will Stop You In Your Tracks.

Everyday, we walk through our lives with blinders on to what”s truly happening all around us. It”s easy to get caught up in your own problems and forget to think about this marvelous world you live in. Now, that”s going to change.

Reading these 36 awesomely random facts gathered by ebaumsworld will make you think a little differently about the world around you. Just don”t be mad after you walk through the looking glass.

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10 Of The Craziest Concept Cars You’ll Ever See

10 Of The Craziest Concept Cars You’ll Ever See

Cars are one of the most distinctive and eye catching machines on the plane, able to grab the attention of anyone who sees them unlike almost any other product. While the vast majority make do with staring at high-end performance sports cars such as a Ferrari, there are even more spectacular vehicles that are often hidden away at exhibitions and trade shows where the general public can’t see them. These are concept cars that are able to take the breath away and the ones from 2016 are no exception.

Pininfarina H2 Speed

Created by Indian company Pininfarina, the H2 Speed is a bizarre looking vehicle that is designed to be as exotic looking as possible. It also features an engine that can output 500 horsepower using a hydrogen fuel cell.


Volvo Concept Estate

The exterior of the Volvo Concept Estate may not look that much different from any other estate car but it is the interior that truly makes the car stand out from the crowd. It features a comprehensive computer system that can interact with a variety of devices and systems, allowing drivers to work them all from a central touch screen.